Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Chreestmat



It has been a warm one here in Chiang Rai. Being a missionary during the Christmas season is one of the things I have cherished most. The opportunity to share with people who Jesus Christ is is an amazing thing. It was so fun to Skype with my Family! WOOHOOOO yeah they are doing great. Still really scary to see you driving Olivia. My dog is still there, so that is good. I still can't believe you were all eating a steak dinner. That looked really good. But that is ok because I still have Thai food here for less than a dollar. This week was awesome! 

The Work: 
We are going hard on the LA [less active] work here in Chiang Rai. The cool thing is that we get to ride all the way out into the middle of the mountains to find these members. 

Most of their phone numbers change about every year or so (IDK why they change their phone numbers so much - everyone does it). So we have to go find them in the little villages. We also had dinner at a member's house up on this beautiful mountain (see pictures). 

Beautiful Chiang Rai

I thank God every day for the opportunity to serve in such an amazing country. It is truly a blessing. Our investigators are doing great - we still need our pool to get bigger. We trust in God and we are obedient, and we work our best every day. That is all He can ask for, so we trust that we will find success if we focus on Him. There is a special spirit that comes with obedience and love - if you have love for the work and you are obedient (to the minute... not just to the 5 minutes). God is not lenient.  He is organized, he plans, and he executes with faith. The same thing applies to His disciples and His missionaries. 

The Culture: 
1. Lots of different hill tribes here in Chiang Rai - lots of different random languages 

2. If you bike really far and go to a random mountain village.... there may or may not be little Thai children who have never seen a white person before. They are adorable.

These little girls had never seen a white man before...they were terrified of me hahahaha.

3. Everyone wears coats even if it is burning outside

4. People in the north have a different dialect, so that has been fun trying to learn that hahahha. It is pretty similar to Thai so that is good!

The funnies: 
I forgot to write down any funny things that happened this week so sorry... If you haven't figured out by now, Thailand is just a happy funny place.

The first noel. Merry Christmas everyone!

Spiritual thought: 
I love my Savior. I am so grateful that He was born. I know that because of Him I can actually change my life, my habits, my beliefs, and my faith. Everything is focused on Him for a reason. As missionaries, we don't just say these things because we have nothing else better to do than leave our family for 2 years. This is real. My testimony of the Savior is real and true because He is real and true. I know He lives. I know He lives. Only by Him and through Him can we change. You can do it. Fight on my friends.

God loves you, I love you. God bless.

Elder Smith-Driggs

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