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Happy Birthday OliviaShnookabumbum, I love you so muchI cant wait to kick your butt in wrestling when I get homeI have been practicing with the elders, and I think I might be able to take you down – Smith-Driggs vsSmith-Driggs ;Love you sweetheart :)

Also S/O to the people who brought my mom dark chocolate last week...Sister Hales, Sister Boyack, and Brother CarterI heard Janet Hales brought some homemade dark chocolate – WOW props to you Sister Hales :) (My mom is now making it too...)

The Work
English Class is going greatWe still dont have a church here in LaosBut there is no need to worryGod is here with usAs it says in Alma 32, we dont need a synagogue” to worship our LordThe members here teach me what true faith isThis is week 4 of not going to churchAll will be well, no worriesThanks for your prayers everyone

Chillin with the best. GOOD PEOPLE

The Bottom Line
Repentance is for the righteous and the faithfulRepentance is a very personal act of love and sacrificeLuckily the sacrifice has been taken care ofOur choices have consequences, but the love and assistance of the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father will never forsake you

The Culture:
1. Every year Laos has a boat racing festivalBoats come from all over Lao to compete 1 day onlyIt is so fun to watch these rowing teams of 30 men just row their hearts outVery awesome

Boat racing festival

Making boats

Sending the boats off

2. One of the most commonly eaten foods here is Papaya SaladIt is made differently in Laos than Thailand because of one ingredientThey put in something called Badag” or ປະແດກ.” It is a sauceThis sauce has been made for many many years here in LaoI asked how to make it, and I was given these instructionsGet ready
o   Get a raw fish and put it in a jar 
o   Put water in the jar mixed with salt 
o   Leave it in a very humid place for about 1 year/1 year and 6 months
o   After that 1 year, open the jarMix around the inside 
o   Put it in the papaya salad and eat it rawYou are finishedແຊບ ແຊບ ແຊບ 

1. Last night I slept-talked again.  For all of the Lao people reading this blog, you will laugh really hardI mumbled a lot then shouted twice: “ປາກຫວານກົ້ນປ້ຽວ!!” - which if directly translated to English means: “Sweet mouth sour bottom,” but the meaning is that someone is a sweet talker but their intent is not all trueThey say one thing but mean anotherHahahahaha Elder Magill was awake, and he just chuckledClassic Smith-Driggs. 


2. I ordered some Ovaltine at one of our favorite restaurants here, and the lady brought it out to usWhen I drank my first sip, I was like OH… yup that is definitely iced coffee.” Hahahaha classicLook out, Elder Smith-Driggs is going Less Active and starting to drink coffeeThose elders in Laos are really having some trouble hahahaha.

Fell asleep in the truck.. classic Smith-Driggs

Spiritual thought
In our house here in Lao, we have a gigantic poster that reads, Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” Every day I wake up and look at thatOur work here is so different than anywhere else in the whole worldRight now we are in a strange situation with no churchThe only thing I do every day is teach English and occasionally visit members homes to tell them that we love them and not to worrySometimes I sit here and laugh at our situationHonestly, I am typing this up on a laptop in our house.  It is 2 pm on a Friday afternoon. We just finished translating a meeting for the nursing college of Lao, were fed a buffet, got dropped back at our house and now we are finishing and grading English reports for our studentsAm I even a missionary? YesYou bet I amI am a representative of Jesus ChristI am serving the people of Lao by teaching them English. I am helping others tap into the knowledge given to them by their Father in Heaven, and in that, I am giving them hopeIf I can give my students a hope for the future, I am bringing them unto ChristMy testimony is one of sincere gratitude for my Father in Heaven and my Savior, Jesus ChristI testify that His grace is sufficient for us allMay we remember that Gods door is always open, if we will just soften our hearts long enough to allow the master teacher to mold us into the man or woman He needs us to be is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Thats it for me this week guysSorry I had to take the blog off of FacebookI am so grateful for your prayers for the Lao membersIt means the world to meGod bless you all. Have a fantastic week prepping for Halloween!

Elder Smith-Driggs

Love the Lord and Laugh, 
ອັບຣາຮາມ ສະມິດ-ດິກສ
Abraham Smith-Driggs  

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