Monday, January 18, 2016

Sweet Cool Beans

Hello Hello my dear Family and Friends! 

This week was a blast. Very very busy and there were ups and downs, but overall it was a week full of spiritual impressions and amazing funny moments. Welcome to missionary work everyone hahaha.

"Behold, the field is white already to harvest..." 

The Work: 
So fun story this week. We are currently helping these hill tribes up in the middle of nowhere with a clean water project. 

The hill tribes are only accessible by boat :)

They don't speak Thai. We are in the process of testing the water and everything like that, but it was really fun going up there and serving with people who don't understand you! We went to the tribe leader (because they are out in the middle of nowhere they don't really have any law.... basically it is run by the tribe leader). What he says goes, so that was cool to see. The tribe leader is really nice, and he speaks Thai so that is a plus... so we got in his truck and headed on what seemed to be a jungle cruise on a 4 wheeler. The things that truck was able to do ... I thought I was going to die. SUPER SICK IT WAS AWESOME! 

Just chillin'

Other than that, we are trying to meet with our investigators, but they are all so busy. It is frustrating because we have a couple of progressing investigators... but because we can only meet with them once a week (because they live so far away),  they are progressing very slowly. I don't could be a blessing - it gives them a chance to really dive into the scriptures. We have a Chinese investigator who reads the BOM in Chinese, so that is really cool! 

The Culture:

Check out my bike Mom

1. Most lessons (in the home) are taught on the ground cross-legged. So when you stand up, you either fall right back down because of the pins and needles, or your companion has to carry you out the door hahahahahha. 

New addition to the Dollar Menu at McDonalds
The Funnies: 
1. An RC (Sister Loogme) this week learned the phrase - "cool beans." But she thought it sounded better if she said - "sweet cool beans" - hahahahahah - so funny with her adorable little Asian accent, hence the title of my email.

2. Trying to translate for a white person the other day - "So does the water tank up there operate more like a pump system or a reverse osmosis reaction?"....... Elder Howard was like - "Sorry sir, there is no way I can translate that into Thai." Hahahahahahah the look on his face was so classic. Like, "Are you kidding me?" 

3. Lightsaber fighting during the night... don't ask! My companions just really like "Star Wars" I guess hahahaha. Elder Howard, after a gruelling battle comes to me and says... "Wow Elder Smith-Driggs, light saber fighting aroused some unusual emotions right there. I haven't felt those feelings in a while." 

4. Another translation: I was on a switch off for the day with Elder Weaver, who is younger than me in the mission. An RC had a question about what it meant when "Jesus drank from the bitter cup and shrank." (I dont know what it says in English sorry).... It took me 15 minutes to explain the analogy. MAN explaining it in English is hard, let alone Thai! 

5. While I was on the switch off with Elder Weaver, we started talking with a group of guys chilling next to the river playing checkers. Elder Weaver and I just sat down and observed and talked until he was invited to play against the Thai master..... BOOM - ELDER WEAVER WON! It was pretty funny hahahaha. The American beat the Thai master who plays every day. And we got his number. He is coming to English class on Tuesday. 

6. Sleep talk: For those of you who don't know yet, I sleep talk a TON. Last night, I apparently looked at Elder Weaver, took my sweatshirt off and said - "Dude... don't press my Atari." (For all of you youngins out there, an Atari is one of the first gaming systems invented for human kind.) Classic Elder Smith-Driggs sleep talking stories. Gotta love em hahahaha. 

Spiritual thought: 
This week I had the opportunity to read "The Transforming Power of Faith and Character" by Richard G. Scott. I absolutely loved this talk! I would encourage you all to take a look at it because it helps us understand how we need to improve our character and what sort of components go into a "character"... Is it spiritual, emotional, daily actions? His conclusion was that your character shows how much faith you have in the Lord. Every decision and thought affects our character. And the obedience and control over our character dictates our ability to submit to the will of the Lord. Absolutely fascinating perspective. I loved it! 

I know that the Savior, Jesus Christ lives. I glory in him because in him I find happiness and peace. He is the light of the world. When we turn to him in humility and WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE... miracles happen. I love you all - God bless you! 

Love always,
Elder Smith-Driggs 

P.S. My mom added this picture of Elder Howard's family with my family when they got together for dinner last night. Nice selfie skills Eliza - you got all 12 people in the photo!

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