Monday, July 27, 2015

This Ain't No EFY!

Hosting Paul Thomas (Skyline friend) last week!

Not that I have anything against EFY at all. I loved EFY! I think I went like 4 years hahaha. But it is not very similar to the mission at all. Yes - you do feel the Holy Ghost a lot because you have magnificent speakers and lessons and role plays... but we don't have any dances or escorting... I miss that!

                                      With Elder Bradley King - friend from BYU.

Missionaries are set apart as representatives of Jesus Christ. That is something I have been thinking a lot about this last week.  How can I truly be a better representative of Jesus Christ? Well, first of all I need to change so many things about myself - the way I talk to people, how I act, how I dress. 

Elder Bednar puts it this way: "The Lord has prepared the people of your mission, so have an attitude that reflects that." I try to do that here at the MTC, but it is hard. I need to come to terms with coming down to earth to not do my own will, but the will of my Father. This is not to say I am anything at all like close to the Savior - I just use His words to illustrate my job as a missionary and as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is my duty to bring others unto Christ. 

This says, "Elder Smith-Driggs" in Thai.


I can barely remember my first day here at the MTC!  It seems like so long ago. All I can remember is people telling me what to do, but I couldn't understand a word they were saying. It was terrifying. 

Now that I look back on it, it was really hilairious.  But those first couple of days can be really stressful. I keep telling the new missionaries I host: "The MTC can either be a place of learning, laughing, and spiritual growth.... or it can be an experience that destroys your self-esteem, makes you depressed, and eventually settles fear into your heart as you enter the mission field. YOU have to decide the first day of your mission experience what you want the MTC to do for you. I chose the first option. I have seen people that indirectly chose the latter - and they go home. The mission is not for the light-hearted. But that does not mean you need to fear. Fear is of the devil. Courage is of God."

New missionaries, please read Moroni 10:32 with this thought in mind: Do I trust the Lord enough to understand that my mission is an opportunity for personal growth? When I am discouraged...will I "deny the power of my God?" NO - as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is our duty and our privilege to love God, to love the MTC, to love our missions, to love PMG, and to love our investigators.  Anything that lets you fulfill your purpose is of God. Then, and only then, can we be sanctified and set apart as true missionaries for Jesus Christ. Good luck elders and sisters. Have faith - you can do it. For God is on our side... and the battle is already won. Do not give up hope.

Again... this ain't no EFY. (I only use "ain't" for the dramatic effect... just say it like a cowboy and you will feel really cool, and you will understand my reasons. Trust me ;) 

Alright, now for some funnies: 

Two new elders moved into our room on Wednesday. They are going to Tawian. The second night, Elder Van De Merge looks at me and says, "Elder Smith-Driggs, you know you scream Thai in your sleep, right?" I was like, "Yup. I even have nightmares in Thai." What a marvelous experience. In my dream I was in Thailand, and no one could understand me. It was sudyod(awesome)!

Elder Walker this week was trying to tell our teacher that his brain had exploded: "samong la buud"... but instead he said "samong sxxlaamog"... which literally transaltes to "head full of pornography" hahahahaha.  We had just learned the law of chastity vocab. Classic Elder Walker.

Sister Smyth ran at full speed into a pole while playing frisbee and got a concussion. Good ol' Maryn Smyth. Love her so much. I didn't see it, but she told me about it. Pretty sure it was her 3rd day. Keep her in your prayers... but just imagining the experience makes me laugh.  She said it was painful, but she would laugh at herself too.. no worries. 

On another note, we start Skyping members in Thailand tomorrow! I am soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love and miss you all! Please keep me updated.  I haven't died...I just am on a mission people hahahahaha. Sorry there was not a lot this week - I will try to catch up with some more stuff next week. Trust in God! With Him anything is possible! 

Love always,
Elder Smith-Driggs  

Letter plug from Mom:  Here are the DearElder instructions again from an earlier blog post.  Please send Abraham letters via DearElder!!!  It's sooo easy.  He loves reading them when they come hard copy because he doesn't have to race through them in his limited time on the computer.  

Thank you to those of you who have written!!! It keeps him happy at night to read your news.  He says he really likes hearing what people are doing.  You don't need to work hard to send him spiritual, deep thoughts - just tell him about your life.  He misses you!  It's so fun for him to hear about family and friends back home.  There are only three weeks left to use the free DearElder mail system.  After that it is snail mail or once a week emails to Thailand :(  Even though he gets emails in Thailand, like the MTC, he will rarely have time to respond online.  I think mission rules say he has to write to his mission president and home first, then friends if he has time.  I try to post all his news as fast as I can on Mondays so you can read it.  I do see you are reading it.  So many page views stats on Blogger!!!  Love you all.  Thanks for supporting Abraham.  He has such great family and friends:)

Instructions for DearElder.Com letters:
For those of who who do not know what is, I will explain.  Here is the link: .  It is a free and easy way to send daily mail to missionaries at the MTC.  Whatever you send before noon (MST, M-F), gets printed out and delivered THAT DAY to Abraham.  

If you click on the link, you will see a link on the left hand side under "Send Stuff" that says, "Provo MTC (FREE)." When you click on that link,  a virtual envelope will appear.  You fill in your information on the "Return address" and Abraham's information in the main address.

His info is as follows:  
Title : Elder 
First name: Abraham
Last name: Smith-Driggs
Unit #: 55
Mission: Provo MTC (Thailand Bangkok)
Estimated MTC departure date: August 17

Then you enter your email address int he next box, and you will receive an electronic copy of what you send to Abraham.  You can leave the next box blank because Abraham doesn't read the DearElder letters online.  They clutter his email account.  

Next, you start typing the text of your email into the big box.  When you are done, you click the "Send Letter" button below.  It will ask you if you are sure, and you click OK.  You're done.  

The next screen that comes up asks if you want to donate, but you don't need to do that or click anything else.  You've already sent your letter.  I already donated, so don't worry about it.  This FREE email printing service ONLY LASTS WHILE HE'S IN THE MTC.  After that, it's regular mail.


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